Frequently Asked Questions

About us

Cuatro Vientos offers you a unique possibility to work abroad or to have a step up on privacy while being surrounded by the wild Costa Rican Jungle. This new complex is located in Malpais, one minute away from the beach and ten minutes away from Santa Teresa downtown. It will provide you a perfect opportunity to enjoy the quiet environment of the landscape with the best Wi-Fi connection in town.

Is Cuatro Vientos a Hotel?



Cuatro Vientos is not a Hotel nor a Hostel. It is a Complex that consists of a green space with 3 private apartments and a big guest house with private rooms.


Distance from Town – Is a vehicle needed?


The complex is located in the center of Mal Pais, less than 10 minutes ride away from Santa Teresa. Any type of vehicle (car, motorcycle, ATV) is strongly recommended for a better experience. 4×4 is not needed.


Cancellation policies

-In case of cancellations done 7 days before the check-in date, no charges will apply.
-In case of cancellations done less than 7 days before the check-in date, the total amount of the booking will be charged.
-Non-refundable rates in certain dates will be noticed before booking.


No exceptions. Positive covid tests neither.

Beach distance:

We are located just 300meters away from the Mal Pais beach.

Is there a pool in the complex?

There is a big garden with a great view in the complex, but there is not a swimming pool.

Ferry Schedule:

You can check the following link to the last updates of the ferry schedule and prices: http://navieratambor.com/horarios-y-tarifas


Surfing Spots:

You have 4 main options: Mar Azul left point break just 5 minutes away. Playa Carmen and Santa Teresa beach breaks are 10 minutes away. Playa Hermosa is located 25 minutes away. Cabuya receives southern swells, and it is an awesome point break located just 20 minutes away.

Security – Parking:

Night guards watch for the security of the place. Parking spots are available for every rental inside the complex.

Payment options:


We accept credit cards, PayPal and cash.